Welcome to Elmdale’s Play Structure Replacement Campaign

  • $1,000: Thank you Dr. Francine Roussy Layton for the Donation!

Since 1928, Elmdale Public School has provided an enriching environment, dedicated to guiding our children on the path to becoming responsible, engaged, and talented adults.

Junior Play Structure - DetailThis year we have 520 students, ranging from junior kindergarten to grade 6, enrolled in both our English and French Immersion programs.

Due to Elmdale’s large population and unusual split play yards, the school provides three play structures for the students; a small structure for the junior and senior kindergarten children, a mid-sized structure for the primary students, and a larger structure for the junior students. This
past September the students arrived to find the kindergarten structure had been removed. The students also learned their coveted junior play structure, used by grades 3 to 6, will be removed in August 2013.

Play structures are an important part of learning as students take turns, learn to cooperate with their peers, and challenge them physically. Other children enjoy just digging in the sand under and around the structures and still be in the midst of activity. Whatever each child enjoys, there is no doubt the play structures are a central part of their play areas.

We want to ensure our kids’ school environment continues to be as fun and fulfilling as possible.

Raised $60000 towards the $100000 target. The responsibility to replace the structures falls on the school council, school staff, and the community, and as a community we have the capacity to do that. And more.

Over the next twelve to eighteen months, we will be working hard to create awareness and gain enough financial support through the Elmdale community to replace the kindergarten and junior structures at Elmdale Public School.

These play structures will be a legacy for kids and the community for the next 30+ years, so please consider donating to our play structure replacement campaign.

How do you contact the committee? Email us projectplayground@elmdalecouncil.com

(as of May.13) Visit this site regularly or check out the board in the front hall of the school. We will be adding information on a regular basis and will have a visible gauge of our progress. You can also keep up to date on our news by subscribing to our online newsletter.