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Elmdale School Council for 2015-16

Co-Chairs (only vote in a tie) Caroline Dickens
Geri Moss-Norbury
Communications – external Noel Kivimaki
Communications – internal Wendy Stewart
Education Katherine Henderson
Treasurers France Cyrenne
Jessica Shehan
OCAS Representative Megan Richardson
Healthy Earth Chairs Amy Allston
Sara Tedford
Volunteer Coordinators Jennifer Cavasin
Caroline Hatton
Erin Hetherington
Wendy Stewart
Arts Representatives David Jones
Kelly Koroluk
Fundraising Chair Peter Laughton
School Travel Planning (STP) Tracey Davidson
Cathie Wood
Community Representative Dave Stremes
Members at Large Tina Bedard
Geoff Paisley
Kelly Gray
Kaireen Patton
Keri B.
Larry Samash
Patti Black
Anita Maasland

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