International Walk to School Day – Wed Oct 7th

Elmdale will be celebrating International Walk to School (IWALK) Day on Wednesday, October 7th!

Please join us in the primary yard starting at 8:45am to help us celebrate.

Students are encouraged to walk to school in any way they can – even part of the way is great! For example, students could be part of a walking school bus, walk to school with a friend from the closest crossing guard, or even walk to and from their bus stop.

Students are also encouraged to scooter, bike or skateboard – helmets are strongly recommended.

IWALK Day is celebrated around the world on the first Wednesday in October. Schools in Canada have been celebrating IWALK since October 2000.

IWALK’s themes include: increasing daily physical activity, improving safety, enhancing the environment, developing community cohesion, promoting social interaction and reducing traffic congestion, pollution and vehicle speed near schools.

For more information on IWALK across Ontario and around the world, visit the website of Active & Safe Routes to School

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